About Us


Who Are We?

New technology has been a boon to our world. But smart technology has become a blessing in disguise. You can find so many devices that are developed to ease your day-to-day work. With smart devices cleaning your home, keeping your schedules, reminding you of your meetings, you can save a lot of time and energy in the process.

In the world of smartphones, smart devices, and smart technology, why do you want to feel left out? At HiSpecTech, you will find all those smart devices that are sure to get your job done smartly and give you a life of ease!


About HiSpecTech

HiSpecTech is an online store selling smart home appliances that can make your life easier and help you save huge on the utility bills.

We sell three categories of products.


Smart Energy

Every day we hear in the news how humans are impacting the mother nature in a negative way. We know the ice sheets at Antarctica are melting in an alarming rate. All because of the phenomenal Global Warming. And global warming is a result of the way we utilize energy in our lives.

Our products are specially designed to save mother Earth. The amount of energy taken up by our appliances are so less that you can save huge on your utility bills too!

Some of the products under this category are smart energy monitor, smart power strip, smart wireless charger, and so on.


Smart Lighting

A well-lit home is the most welcoming one. Light up your home with a smart lighting system. The products in this range include smart bulbs, WiFi smart bulb, smart LED lights, and so on.

These light systems can be controlled by WiFi! This means you can sit in one corner of the house and control the bulbs in the other room. This is a stepping stone to having a smart home.

These lights can be switched on when you are not home indicating that the home is occupied and possibly avoid the theft.


Smart Security

When it comes to the safety of your family, you cannot compromise on anything. Bring your home the smartest security system to keep the burglars at bay.

We have put together a smart locking system, smart doorbell, smart cameras, and motion sensors. If you are out in a crowded area and carrying something valuable, our smart and secure anti-theft bag is all you need to save your valuables.


How Did it Begin?

We have a beautiful house amidst a large lush lawn. Our landscape is so beautiful that it stands out in the entire neighborhood. However, there was one major flaw in our house that we only noticed after the unfortunate incident took place one day.

My childhood friend and his wife had been asking us to come over and stay in their house for a weekend. And due to one or the other reason, we kept pushing the dates further and further until one weekend we decided we will take our kids over to my friend's place.

Their house was a cozy one on the opposite side of the city. By the time we reached their house, it was afternoon. We had a smoked barbeque dinner that night and had a great time with all my family and friends together.

But nobody noticed what was transpiring on the other side of the city - our house. We hadrecently bought a house. When we bought it, it was an old house with no modern facility. The burglar alarm system was an old one. We hadn't upgraded it.

Next morning, we returned to our home just to find all our valuables stolen from the house. It was the most devastating day of our lives.

That's when we decided that we would not let this happen to anyone and started selling out modern and smart burglary tools that would help avoid burglary.

In addition to smart security devices, we even initiated ways of saving energy and our planet with our smart lighting systems.

Don't let a burglar steal your hard earned valuables! If you are someone who wants to save energy and save big on utility bills, then visit our online store and get everything you need to make your home environmentally friendly.